Arduino and analog output

I need to use Arduino to control the dosing pumps. The problem is the dosing pumps are controlled by 4-20 mA signal and I do not know how to manage this using Arduino. Does anybody know any DAC which would helps me? I do not care about price since it is for company purpose, rather I preffer simplicity of wiring.

Thanks a lot.

Having no more information on the electrical characteristics of your circuit: Why not using the MCP4725. The wiring is simple (GND, VDD, SCL, SCA and Vout), you can set a value by I2C and you can use it with 3V3 and 5V. Your signal is on Vout in about 6us (after being transmitted) and resolution is 12bit.

Simply I had not known MCP4725 before you told me. Many thanks I will try this solution.