Arduino + a 10A relay motor driver board ?


I just got my Arduino and also a motor driver board and a 10A 450rpm motor.

This is the motor driver board I got: … ucts_id=….

And this is the DC motor I got: … oducts_i….

And also this DC motor from SeeedStudio: … p-236.html

I got the motor driver board required for the motor (the first motor requires 9.5A and the driver board allows 10A max per motor). I need such a powerful motor for my project so hence didn’t buy the Arduino’s motor shield.

But now how do I interface this motor driver board with the Arduino?
I’m only connecting one motor of that sort, so I’ll be using only the first two pins on the motor board (pin-1 and pin-2).

Any help on getting this motor driver board working with the Arduino? Huh

P.S: Just received my usb cable, breadboard, harness and motor from SeeedStudio. Thank you guys


Sorry but the link does not work… Maybe the supplier of the motor board has more info how to wire it to MCU board. :slight_smile: