Arduino 4WD Chassis - Check here first ;)

Hey guys,

Looks like Seedstudio have finally brought some pretty cool Robot chassis to their store. One of which is the Arduino 4WD and as it happens I bought one several months back and decided to write a basic review with pictures! … bot_Trials

There’s a few things you should be aware of on this model:

  • No space for hall effect sensors, measuring how far your robot has moved is tricky
  • You’ll need some standoffs to raise up your electronics
  • No manual!
  • Accessing the battery compartment can be a pain. I’ve actually mounted another pack on the back for quick changing
  • It’s geared up for the DF-Robot Romeo board (Arduino clone with motor driver and loads of outputs). You could fit a classic Arduino or Seesduino but it could be a struggle.
  • Great space for a pan+tilt mechanism

As I think of more comments I’ll update this post :wink:


[edit] Updated WIKI url

Good idea!