Arduino 2 Wheel Drive Robot Chassis Pictures

Hey guys,

So my my set of Arduino 2WD chassis arrived today and I’ve put it together (will some difficulty! No instructions :frowning:).

Take a look here: … rduino2WD/ (Big fat 56K warn).

If you’d rather see the large pictures in a list see here: … WD/images/

Impressions so far, not bad for a cheap chassis. The kit could have definitely done with a set of stand-offs for fitting various devious and a manual. My only concern is the wheels aren’t fixed to the motors - my Tamiya wheels have a “hub” which secures the wheel to the motor - a bit of glue should do the job but it’s rather permanent.

Once I’ve hooked up the electronics I’ll update the post.

Yes , may be we should make a instructions for it … makeing it up cost me about 1 hour ,without instructions…

and it’s cool , now use it with the L298N H-Bridge Board and a Arduino then you can have your Robot easily.