arduino 1.0 and TFT shield, can't get library?

I have a UNO R2 board, and using IDE 1.0.
I tried to load this from the wiki page for the TFT shield (v1.0) i bought at radio shack …

It will not save, I get a “file corrupted” error.

I was able to get the touch screen code demo to work, but I had to re-name the project folder ( replaced the -'s with _'s to make the IDE happy) and renamed the sketch from xxx.pde to xxx.ino. I dont know if this is the correct way of doing it, or if I should delete all those files and wait till I can download the files from the above link. In any case the resistive touch screen code seems to work, I can open the com port and get values reported back when i touch the screen. :sunglasses:

But when I try to load any of the TFT code examples, the code compiles and loads ok, but the TFT is dead, open the com port and get:


hardware not recognised 202 ( Going off memory on this one so don’t flame me, I’m sure I got it wrong)

So, If I had to guess, Its due to the fact that I loaded the wrong libraries and getting the file linked above should fix the issue? I hope so.
I was hoping that since this was a retail item at a national store that there would be little fuss in getting it up and running :laughing: .


what is 202 ?
the file linker above is a library that contain same example .
I getting the file linked above ,only change the file name and put it in the arduino1.0 library . The TFt can work and show the paint . I doubt that the example of this library did not used com port .


I’ll try this again, …

I click this link: …

it downloads.

I try to open it.

I get an error message saying the zipped file is invalid or corrupted . [img][img]

tried it on several occations, with two different computers.

I have however loaded the libraries and example code for the erlier IDE, whose code examples end in .pde.
after renaming the file folders ( replacing the - spacers with _ so that 1.0 will recognise them )

I can compile and load the code, however the TFT screen stays white regardless of code. I open up the serial monitor and the UNO is sending serial print commands in the example code.

for example, if I load the “graphicstest” scetch onto the UNO, the TFT stays white.

If I open the serial monitor I get this:
“8 Bit LCD test!
Using Adafruit 2.8 inch TFT Arduino shield pinout
unknown driver chip 0”

None of the sketch examples work, I am assuming that it is because I am trying to use libraries and exaples that were written for previous IDE versions, however due to the fact that I cant load the propper zip file for 1.0 because it is corrupted its hard to say for sure

please forget the “202” thing, I was going off of memmory and obviously got it wrong.


maybe the download link have some troubles .
can I get your E-mail , or you can send the E-mail to me “” I will send the library to you.