Arch Max Serial over USB Tx to PC not working

Hello, I can download programs to the ARCH Max ver 1.0, but when I communicate over USB from the Max to the PC, it does not work. When I transmit to the Max, I can see the LED’s flash as data is moved over USB Serial.
I have noticed the there is a note about USB power not being connected -

“5V power supplier didn’t contact to USB power, user should connect to ext-power.”

is this causing the problem? My board works otherwise.
If this is the case, is there a way to connect a wire to the USB interface on the board so that it is still possible to run from the USB port for serial-over-USB operation?

I have installed the latest firmware.


Thanks for writing to us.
Could you please give more details about your mbed application – interface, software etc… Also check the baud rate settings for the USB Serial.

The note is about powering the board with 5V DC through the pin header. This should not affect the functionality when powered by USB port.

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Thank you for your reply - I loaded the program into 3 different boards from other manufacturers, and also tested it on another host machine. It appears that the common factor is the fact that I am running Putty on the host machine!

When interfacing the Arch Max with Megunolink ( ) the problem goes away on all platforms.

I suspect that this is to do with how Putty is set up - mainly to do with the implicit \n and \r settings…while I haven’t got it to work yet, I feel pretty confident that this is the problem area.
Will update this thread when I have it working.
Thanks again.

Thanks for updating and it will be useful for the community. There is also a nice and simple serial terminal software … 2#download . Please try.