ARCH MAX Flash memory size

I have just taken delivery of the awesome Arch Max. The part number appears to be: STM32F407VET6 This should have 512k of FLASH, according to the Seeed Studio wiki, and the ST device data sheet - however, when I compiled Blinky to test the board, it reports 1024k. Is this just a typo somewhere in the descriptor files for the Arch Max?
How does the mBed dev. environment “know” about the parameters of the platforms?

On another section of the Seeed web site it states that the chip is the “G” version, and it states that the memory is 1024k:

Can someone confirm how much memory there really is on this board?


Please see the specification on mbed platform website. Arch Max uses STM32F407VET6 which has 512 KB Flash, 192 KB RAM. The size in mbed environment does not affect the functionality (binary compatible).

We will check if we need to modify parameters in mbed environment.


Thank you, that is pretty much as I expected.
It is still an excellent board.