Arch BLE periodically disappear


My Arch BLE board is disappearing from Windows. When I plug it, I see a new flash disk in the Explorer and Virtual COM port. It work some time (1 or 2 min) and then just stop to work without any messages. When I try to open the flash disk system says that it cannot. And virtual COM port simultaneously stops transferring the data.
To return Arch BLE to life I should reconnect it, but it’s really inconvenient - my application stopped.


May somebody point me what I’m missing. Maybe some COM-port driver problem? Or so on. What driver Arch BLE use? Any kind of help invited. Thank you in advance.


I use:

  • Arch BLE v.10 hardware
  • Firmware 2015-02-03 v.2.21
  • Windows 7

We don’t confirm that it’s a problem of hardware or software, so please install the older firmware see whether the Arch BLE can work well?