Application code onto Lora-E5 module

What is the path for adding application layer FW on top of Seeed flashed Lora-E5 with AT commands?..Can I just start a project in STM32CubeIDE by creating an .ioc file and go from there with total disregard for interfacing my application to the proprietary AT stuff Seeed has put on the board?

Did you get a look at Seeed documentation about it ? Wio-E5 mini - Seeed Wiki it explains the whole procedure and basically either you use the module with the existing AT firmware and interface it with an external processor, or you erase the AT firmware (careful you can’t go back after as Seeed is not supplying that fw file) and program it with your own code !

Yes I looked at that…Wasn’t sure however as it seems that the RDP level is selected upon a certain area of Flash…Seems that you should be able to load an application on the rest of Flash as there is plenty of memory. I think the AT application is convenient for setting up the radio. It seems logical that you could put your own application on as well that would operate sensors, etc. then call the API of the UART section to send your data. Who wants to put a second processor down for this (battery power is important!)??? Seems silly to me