Apologize to all Quad users.

Dear Quad users,
Firstly, I apologize for all the inconvenience or maybe some angers that the Quad brought to you in past several days. We never stop to improve this open source project to be a better portable oscilloscope, though there still are many challenges we have to overcome.

Secondly, as you know Seeed Studio is an open source hardware facilitation company. On the other hand, the DSO Nano and DSO Quad are developed by Chai Xiaoguang (Bure) and his team (e-design). Seeed Studio’s role is more like a producer of movies. In this case, we coordinate the resources, bring it up to reality products, collect the feedback and work with e-design to improve the products. Actually, we have collected all of your suggestions and the existing errors of Quads, and have conducted a report which already sent to the designer (Bure). However, every single adjustment of the Quad has to be made by Bure and his team. Sorry again for these time lags.

Moreover, we know that it is not an excuse for such inconveniences brought to you these days. As you mentioned, the most urgent problems for now are calibration error and bandwidth problem. Frankly, we are also eager to solve these problems as you did, especially for the calibration case. It was caused by the app firmware. I went to e-design by train last Saturday, and discuss directly with Bure in order to push the process and solve this problem as soon as possible. We won’t never escape from these challenges.

Currently, the calibration problem has been settled, with app update to v2.35, a detailed manual was also launched. Please check and comment it (viewtopic.php?f=22&t=1929).
In terms of the UI, both Seeed and e-design lacks related experience about this area, so we expect systematic suggestions from you, such as you did in the Benf firmware.

How about simply making it as good as the BenF Firmware in terms of UI to start with then consider the additional tasks of making it work for 4 inputs. This initial stage would not require any input from your customers but would move the product on vastly.

Cheers Pete

Well as electronic designers you (or at least e-design team) should use oscilloscope. So perhaps they have no experience in UI design but as users they probably have a good idea of what users usually expect from an oscilloscope UI. If you have used the Quad for 1/2 an hour you have probably noted what are the menu in which you spend more of your time.