Anyone else break their screen?

Well, I went to use my nano at work today and discovered I had cracked the screen. I was so pissed off about it. Luckily, after a little searching I found a replacement here at seeed studio. Just wanted to say thanks for recognizing a problem and carrying a solution to it.

I had my screen break within a week. It would be good if the design was improved to make it harder for the screen to break.

  • I have a feeling that advanced rather than basic soldering skills will be required to change the screen - it would be much better if they had used a socket for the screen.

Hi All. Does anyone know if the Nano case was originally produced for something like a mobile phone? If it was, the protective cases for that device should fit the Nano with minimum modification.

Yes, they saved costs by using surplus MP3 Player enclosures.

I got my screen on Thursday and installed it on Friday. Soldering it to the board wasn’t to bad at all.

We will enhance the protect screen in future upgraded versions. However they are still fragile little measurement appliance… :slight_smile:

The enclosure were designed for MP4 player, we are pain on that too. … I didn’t tell you that we might have a much better steel case in a few more weeks.

Thanks DETN8R. Does anybody know exactly which mp4 player the NANO shell was originally for?

It’s supplied to OEM MP4 players, not sure which brand has one.