Any way to program a DSO quad from linux?

I have a DSO quad hardware ver. 2.70, SYS Ver 1.52, Firmware Upgrade V3.11C, and I have been unable to upgrade it in any way.
I can get into upgrade mode, and if i mount the drive I can copy HEX or other files onto the drive, but nothing sticks. I wait for 5-10 sec, then the drive unmounts, and remounts, and no file is left, so I dont get the .err or .rdy file.
Do I need to borrow a Windows PC to get the upgrade done ?

Hi @allan121
I have asked the DSO supplier for help with your problem.
I will reply to you as soon as the supplier gives the solution.
Please wait, patient.

Hi @allan121
Please try to update with Windows computer or other computers or other sockets. If the upgrade is not possible, it is basically a problem with the computer. Can you provide us with a video?