Any update on Kickstarter shipments?


Is there any update on Kickstarter shipments?

I got a tracking number (USPS) from SEEED … so far it shows “Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS” (?)

Anyone else gotten their Kickstarter order? Mine was the $109 level (8 modules including 3G (which is now 4G but not due to ship until October (sigh)).

Charlie in Houston

I got the same reward and my tracking number says the same thing, “shipping information…” And it says “shipping label created”, but so far it hasn’t moved according to USPS for over two days??? I guess they haven’t dropped it off at the post office yet.
What I thought was strange was that I had thought these things were built and shipped from China, but my tracking number is a USPS number and states that it is originating in California.

I got a response from SEEED support; they said that the shipping is from China to the US (no method specified) and that USPS tracking applies ONLY in the US. They also said “7-15 days” (my tracking notice says Jan 13, so I guess we’re talking February before the kit arrives).

Also, I haven’t gotten any message about the 3G/4G module options yet.


I have received no shipping notification for this item.

My experience with past seeed orders:

  • Takes forever to get notification after purchase
  • notification points to a confusing site that provides inconsistent tracking as compared to singpost and USPS
  • I have to take time away from work day to complete the shipment by going to USPS (if USPS actually leaves an attempt to deliver where it won’t get lost - you know like my enclosed mail slot)
  • little to no information is available for tracking between order and USPS attempt to deliver
  • the process from shipped to delivered can take months

I have received a couple of emails from Seeed, and they’ve given me a couple of different tracking numbers. One of which must be someone else’s because it shows that it is near its destination but that destination is halfway across the US from me. The other tracking number still just shows “shipping label created”, and “shipping information sent to USPS”. I know they told others, (and finally me), that shipping time is “7 to 15 working days”, but I still have nothing showing on the USPS tracking website. I’m also annoyed that I’m still waiting and others have gotten their, (similar rewards), a week or more ago.

I’m starting to think that this was a bad idea to back these people. Especially when I hear of so many other people having an issue with the phone itself not working. If it’s user error, then they should put up a detailed instruction page, or perhaps better yet a video showing it being put together.

Well, lesson learned.

My USPS tracking information started trickling in over the weekend; I specified USPS 2nd-day tso I expect the kit no later than Wednesday of this week.

I’ll post back when I get the kit.

Charlie in Houston

I received my RePhone kit today.

Interesting USPS Trace:

Shipping Label Created on January 13th

  • Arrived at USPS Origin Facility on January 21
  • Arrived at USPS Destination Facility (Houston) on January 25
  • Delivered January 25th

I’ll have to look at my shipment to see if I got a 3G module or not.

Sadly I’m out of town until this coming weekend, so I won’t be able to muck about with it until then. I already verified
that I can add aphone (with SIM) for $10 to my existing TMobile plan (unlimited text & voice calls, 2G data/month).

Anyone else get their kit(s)?

Next question: once Ig et something going, how long before other RePhone kits will be available for sale?

Charlie in Houston

You bet! we finally got our early, basic kit (just the module). Now hunting around to learn what I need to do to get it going.

Ordered theoretically in time for Christmas, and the 2G module arrived between 28 and 30 January.

I have the answer to my question in my last post: the kit did NOT include a 3G module.

As to the question about “what to do to get it going” just follow the instructions in the book that comes with the kit.


  1. Make sure you assemble the kit in a clean (uncluttered) space. There are a LOT of small parts.
  2. Verify that you plug the audio module in properly; I had mine in backwards and the LED display didn’t work at first.
  3. You must have a SIM from a carrier (I added a line on my TMobile account for $10/month).

Also check out my posting(s) about how to edit the CONTACTS list (you have to use an external PC to do so).

Charlie in Houston