Any tutorial on how to run the qml demos on the buildroot reTerminal image?

I’m creating a custom image using the wiki entry for Buildroot.

Aside: as mentioned in this other thread I had to merge in the latest from upstream buildroot to get the image to compile.

Once I’m booted into the image with a USB keyboard attached I’m trying to run something from the QML demos but running into a couple of problems.

Problem 1: The various QML demos seem to segfault, but I suspect I’m doing something wrong.

I’m attempting to start them with (for example):

cd Seed_Python_ReterminalQt5Examples
qml Fullscreen_app.qml

Problem 2: When qml quits (or crashes) it leaves the tty keyboard mode in a bad state so that the keyboard is no longer recognized. This QML doc mentions:

On application startup, EGLFS and LinuxFB attempt to disable the terminal keyboard by setting the tty’s keyboard mode to K_OFF . This prevents keystrokes from being sent to the terminal.

I found I can get the keyboard back by pressing alt+printscreen+r search “Magic SysRq Key” on Wikipedia.

I tried disabling input using the various QML_ env vars mentioned in the QML doc above but nothing seemed to help - so maybe my issue with QML is not input related.

Are there any tutorials about how to start up some of the QML demos in the reTerminal buildroot image?

I did a bit more digging and realized I should probably be tring to run them from the src directory using the instructions in the demo repo.

I tried


from within src. I had to remove the sudo from that script since it’s not included in the buildroot image. And then found that PySide2 is required but not installed.

I assumed that all dependencies would be included in the buildroot image since it’s intended to be an embedded solution without utilities for managing the packages.