Any hope for firmware upgrade past 4.21

Just wondering if there will be any new firmware upgrades for the 3.26d bootloader and something better than 4.21. It would be nice to have some of the benf functions even though 4.21 seems to work fine.

4.22 is out now, see my other messges on here re G4VVQ



You seem to be the guy that knows what’s going on with the DSO Nano V3.

My unit was working fine and it was on firmware v3.3D (according to the opening screen). I saw that there were newer updates out there so I did something stupid; I tried to do the upgrade.

Now I’ve been searching for the last 3 hours trying to find something that works. Right now I have v4.11 in there, but it’s in ‘demo only’, so I can’t turn off the violet data from the screen and I can’t seem to find the information about how to do it.

Is there anything you can possibly direct me to? THanks in advance for any information on this little @#?$#@%!!!

You will need to flash Unlock app to get it out of Demo.

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