Annoying Fan Noise board 1 and none on board 2

I have 2 of these little boards one of the early reComputing and the newer Odyssey. The newest board has confirmed one thing for me and that is that the ReComputing fan is loud and annoying. It sounds like a mouse stuck a playing card in there to make a high pitched clicking sound. With the new Odyssey there is almost no noticeable sound when the fan runs. Were different types of fans used? Is the recomputing fan a brushed fan?

Just re-burn the old board with the latest BIOS .

It’s already there:
Vendor: American Megatrends Inc.
Version: SD-BS-CJ41G-M-101-E
Release Date: Tue Jan 7 2020

Current Latest BIOS Version and Changelog

  • Latest BIOS:

SD-BS-CJ41G-M-101-E 01/07/2020 14:03:11

  1. Fix the problem of incomplete display of startup Seeed logo screen.

Step 1 - Download the newest version of BIOS

Download the latest version of BIOS from here .

SO is it that that fan is faulty?

Can you provide a video of it operating, hard to tell from pictures.

LoL the fan controler on that board is faulty “or does not work with PfSense” it either does not run or runs full speed 24/7 the board has overheated and crashed on a hot day "Twice now! Posted earlier about this. " wiping out our internet as it is running PfSense as a gateway and I was unaware of its issue. I found however if I go through bios and go to the fan section the fan starts “while in bios” and stays on for one boot. It however goes to no fan without cycling through the bios again on follow up reboots. Will there be a bios fix for this and where can i get a fan without the annoying buzz like the one on my second non Recomputing board? FYI Odyssey board has a heat-sync with a huge bend in it, it’s no where near flat like the recomputing board.

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