Android tablet won't communicate with Seeeduino ADK Main Brd

I have an Acer Iconia A100 Tablet with Android 3.2 running the “Seeeduino ADC Demo” app, which compiled in Eclipse with no errors.

My Seeeduino Main ADK board is running the “SeeeduinoADKDemo” firmware, compiled with Arduino-1.0. The tablet is supposed to toggle an LED and receive input from a variable resistor attached to the Seeeduino board.

I have it hooked up similar to this photo: … _Setup.jpg

The problem is that the tablet will not do anything to toggle the LED or read the variable resistor. It just doesn’t seem to communicate with the Seeeduino ADK Main board. Note that I did enable “USB Debugging” on my Android Tablet. I put a terminal emulator app on my tablet, but it doesn’t show anything connected when I enter “adb devices” – whether connected to the main ADK board or to my Windows PC. However, I CAN move files between my tablet and PC with the USB cable.

Please give me some advice for fixing this.

Hi there,

Did you reverse your pins?
LED light up or not?
Exchange your wire to see what happen.
Anyway, i can easy to read valuer from my Android.

I used a voltmeter to check across the LED. Nothing happens. I also changed it to pin 13, which would light an LED on the Seeeduino Main ADK Board. It won’t light when controlled from the tablet, but the pin 13 LED will light with the “blink” firmware on the main adk board.

Note that my tablet has root permissions. Can anyone help with the original question?

Hi ,

Did you upload the code for this example experiment?
That would be happen what you did with.
So make sure and watch our WIKI.

Best regards,


Hello roc524!
Do you solve problem with communicate between Seeeduino ADK and Android?
I have exactly problem.
My Arduino version - 0023, Eclipse - 3.7.2