android app & 868mhz dongle to rephone

A lot questions, I use an an android app that uses, phone, usb otg with a TI c1111 dongle to collect rf packets, convert them & send them to a mongo db on the web is it possible or am I expecting a lot to?
-be able to use the otg dongle to collect rf 868mhz
-link & Power the dongle from rephone ?
-convert the app to use on rephone?
-Upload from rephone to the web?

The idea being to dispense with the need for the phone & reduce the size of the current setup I use to rf reciever, phone module, battery.
Thanks in advance for any input on the possibilities

What you can’t do:

  • use usb dongle (I don’t know about USB host port on the rephone)
  • easily convert the android app

What you can:

  • power and link a “normal”, uart/i2c/spi rf module
  • send commands to a db
  • connect to the net via gprs