Analyze with CAN-BUS Shield V2


I bought a CAN-BUS Shield V2, Seeeduino V4.2 and DB9 to OBD2 cable to analyze and a project with my Peugeot 208 (Mercosur).

I want found the PID of up and down the windows but I’m really noob with this, I never work with Arduino or CAN BUS before.

I flashed “receive check” from the example and now I’m getting a looooot of information from serial monitor.

I understand the best way is using USB Can-BUS analyzer but I can’t get it now and I haven’t got a notebook with Windows.

Can anyone help me to understand the log??

Thank you very much!


Congratulation! you have received so many information means that your hardware works well and received right data. But I have nothing to do with the data received too. If I was you, I would contact the technical support of Peugeot for documents.

Good luck!