AnalogRead on a Seeeduino Film?

I am trying to read an analog voltage on my Seeeduino Film - using the exact same circuit on my ArduinoUno works exactly as expected and I receive a value of ~335 (expected value), but when I wire it up to my Film I get a constant result of 1023 in return.

I am using 2 10k resistors in a standard potential divider circuit.

Please see my code below:

[code]int val;

void setup()
pinMode(1, INPUT);

void loop()
val = analogRead(1); // read the input pin


My code is as simple as it can get.

It is definitely wired up to Analog pin 1 - all other pins return floating value as would be expected when not tied to anything.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Can you show us the wiring diagram?