Analog ports maximum sample rate

Hi. I am sampling the Microphone using an interupt using the really great interupt timer from:

The amplitude of the input varies with sample rate! From this a gather that I am sampling too fast.

My intention is to use the other analog inputs, I am using the Microphone as a test signal.

I can not find a reference for the sample rates for the analog input ports on the WIKI. Could you please point me in the right direction.



You may plug any analog sensors to the analog/digital ports:

I know that!

What I dont know is what are the sample rates for the analog ports? How fast can I read them? How long I have to wait between reads?

I cannot find this in the documentation.


You may refer to this,sampling%20rate%20of%209600%20Hz.


As far as I can see the code in the link is very interesting but does not seem to apply to the WIO Terminal and does not compile. either that or it is incomplete.

It talks about pre-scalers and registers that are UNO specific and not declared.

I am not that well informed so I may be misunderstanding. Could you please provide so more information.



So you’re asking the Time of internal ADC conversion?

That is the info I need. Can you please tell me where the document is.

Comes from the datasheet of SAMD51: