Analog 7 & 8

Very happy with my new Seeduino board - thank you!

I need to access the two ‘new’ analog pins but don’t know how to address them ie. what pin numbers do I use in the Arduino IDE?

I assumed they’d follow on from the 0-5 analog pins… ie. pins 20 and 21 - but that don’t seem to play.

Many thanks in advance for your assistance.


Hi Marcel,

ADC 6 & 7 can only use as Analog-to-Digital Converter .

//Connect sensors' signal pin to ADC6/ADC7;

int adc6,adc7;...



Thanks for clearing that up Albert - much appreciated.

I’ll have a play with your code sample and see if I can bodge the workaround together.



:slight_smile: Just would like to check something! When I need to replace any of the analog pins in my code with the Seeduino’s analog pins 6 & 7 I just change the number of the pin and nothing else! Everything seems to work fine.Is it necessary to add anything extra to the code in reference to Seeduino’s extra pins? :smiley: Thanks, Goatboy

Does that mean that the additional pins 6 & 7 cannot be used as digital pins?

Advice is appreciated,
thanks, Hans.

Hi guys,

ADC 6 & 7 can only use as Analog-to-Digital Converter.
And cannot use as digital pins.


Thats not my experiance. Analog pins A0-A15 are mapped as digital pins 54-69. So to utilize analog pins 6 or 7 as digital pins, just refer to them as digital pins 60 or 61. I’ve tested this using the example ‘blink’ program.