An early stage design of NAS kit based on the re_computer case, looking forward to your ideas?

The ODYSSEY - X86J4105 is very suitable for building NAS, together with the re_computer case, it could form a very nice NAS kit. However, the re_computer case basic version doesn’t have enough space for 3.5 inch SATA drives, so we are designing an extension kit for the basic case to build NAS.

We are looking forward to your ideas?


Is room for a fan provisioned on the top?

Are you considering a more compact case for 2.5" disk drives?

Most of today’s SSDs are 2.5".

I think that is a good solution with the fan on top that help the hot air to go outside the case, and let cold air to enter in the case.

I vote for 3,5" HD, it’s bigger but with a simply adapter also 2,5" HD can be used

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Yes, there will be a fan on the top~

2.5’’ SSD will also be considered. We use 3.5’’ to make the design because if it can hold 3.5’’, it will be able to hold 2.5’’ SSD for sure.~


Yes, 2.5’’ can also be used~

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Very nice solution! Looking forward to see this project completed.

Hi, reivillo! I’m the product manager for next generation Odyssey. May I ask what you use 2.5 inch SDD for? How many 2.5 inch SSDs do you usually use? I would really appreciate it if you would reply.

Hi, salvathor! I’m really exicited to inform you that our next generation Odyssey is in design! Have you tried building a NAS with the current odyssey? What are the major problems did you meet? If you any advice or suggestions for us, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

@binbin.yu I see three use-cases:

  • Computer with one SSD
  • Local server with 2 SSDs running on RAID1
  • NAS with 5 SSDs running on RAID5

The last use-case would require a dedicated board with power supply and fans.

Thanks for the good news! Let me know when it will be available!

I built my NAS without any issue so far.
I have one issue with 4G modem on Odissey, but I think that it’s my module that is faulty.

I am highly interested in using, contributing to, and improving this project.

My goal right now is to make a very similar (almost identical in idea) NAS, but the ability to expand from ~4x to ~12x 3.5" hard drives.

I know quite a number of people that are interested in pretty much the exact same setup.

My plan right now is to use the 5x SATA expander on M.2, and some (?) small PSU to power them. Due to the lack of available cases/tools/etc for this sort of thing from seeed, I have been thinking about using some HD enclosure with a backplane as another option, but the end result of a bunch of components laid out on the floor isn’t the best idea.

It’s important to always keep the larger 3.5" HD form - the smaller form HDs either aren’t typically used for such a task (the latency increase is completely irrelevant for a NAS, and 3.5" HDs are cheaper and have far more storage)

Is there any way to help on this project? I have been trying to make models to 3D print, but 1) it’s time consuming to do alone and 2) the model may not be sturdy and vibrate too much (reducing the HD life).

Is this going to be an official project, or is it a set of STLs to print out and try?

Hi there,
I did this on an Intel Nuc that had NO room but was capable of supporting an internal SSD
So , I jumped onto FreeCad and stretched the shape to make an expansion area. No reason they can’t do the same. and release the STL’s.

GL :slight_smile: PJ :v: