Amplifier PCB Project V2-Adgj533

Hello Guys, I just finished the PCB using kicad. This layout is terrible I think. I don’t know how to set it up properly. I have attached the zip files with all the gerber files so you can personally take a look. This is my first attempt. I will revise according to your suggestions and then send for manufacturing

I dont know if the sizes I chose for footprints are correct either, the 47uf capacitor seems HUGE, Also how can I increase the drill hole sizes of the PCB? is it up to the user or is it up to the fab house? Please advise me how I can improve the layout of the PCB. I just randomly placed the components that made most sense to me. The MOSFETs have an external heatsink thats why i put them on the side. I don’t know how to include a heatsink inside the PCB.


top copper

bottom copper

solder mask

together copper and mask

full board