Ampere via 5V PIN - Xiao ESP32-C3

How many amperes can I draw from the 5V pin when the Xiao ESP32-C3 is connected via USB (Powerbank)? I would like to run Neopixels up to 1A through it. Thank you!

XIAO ESP32 C3 may not be able to handle higher current loads, such as running Neopixels that require up to 1A.

To safely power your Neopixels while using the Xiao ESP32-C3, it is recommended to use an external power source directly connected to the Neopixels.

AFAIK , the safe limit is 40ma. on any output. I’m sure ith some trickery there is ways to get more but Neopixels require more as you may know.

GL :slight_smile: PJ