Amateur trying to use 2-CHANNEL-CAN-BUS-FD Shield

Hello! I’m trying to use the CAN-BUS shield to control some BLDC motors but I can’t get the motors to receive data. I’m using the template code provided at:
import time
import can

bustype = ‘socketcan_native’
channel = ‘can0’

def producer(id):
“”":param id: Spam the bus with messages including the data id."""
bus = can.interface.Bus(channel=channel, bustype=bustype)
for i in range(10):
msg = can.Message(arbitration_id=0x141, data=[0xA6, 0x00,0x02,0x02, 35999, 35999>>8,0x00,0x00], extended_id=False)
# Issue #3: Need to keep running to ensure the writing threads stay alive. ?


The motor I’m trying to run has an ID of 0x141 and some of the commands I wish to send in order to make the motor move are:
0xA6, 0x00,0x02,0x02, 35999, 35999>>8,0x00,0x00
I realize that the data input only takes up to 255 input and so I get an error.
How should I resolve this issue and is the code I’ve written even the right way to go about it?
Kindly from Simon. Thank you for your time.

This is from the data sheet on position control.

@Simo8471 I never test BLDC motors , but you need set the right rate and protocol first.

Ye me neither haha. I’ll look into the protocols and BAUD rate. Would you know of any good examples online that make use of the can-bus shield to control external components? I’m also a bit unsure on the Arbitration ID, I’ve tried reading the documentation but I’m not exactly sure if the ID of the motor goes in the arbitration ID or if I need to put it in the data package, would you know? And thanks for getting back to me!

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