Aluminum shelf LED lighting bar

These >>LED bars<< would be great for my bike !

Are there any red ones ?

Having to provide 12V is a bummer though. Would it be possible to cook up a DC/DC boost converter (like mintyboost) with a MAX756/7 or LT1302(-5) so I could use e.g. 4 AAA cells and step them up from 6V to 12V ?

It runs at 240mA… got to be pretty shiny out there :smiley:

As cycler myself, I’m thinking abut some bicycle related stuff which will be open source, which starts from a trail light and odo meter :wink:

The LM3410 would be ideal for this LED bar. It’s a boost DC/DC converter with a constant current output.

I’ll get some and play with it. The datasheet fortunately gives a lot of examples and advice on inductor selection.

does someone knows a circuit for this? or a link? or any info about how to use it? Is it valid to put a resistor in series to the 12 V to limit the amps to 240 mA as we do with a “common” led. A LM317 in constant current “mode” can work? My idea is to use with PWM to control the amount of light but for that I need a special circuit that accept PWM and output constant pulsed current. Any help would be very welcome.
Thanks in advance :wink:

This bar is bright, no B_R_I_G_H_T !

I’ve finally tested it, and I need more :wink:

Here’s a video:


You could use a resistor, but a current regulation circuit will be much better. It will compensate the temperature change in the LED bar. LM317 should work and 240mA max. isn’t too bad.

madworm I saw your video. :smiley:
I tried via LM317 with a 5.6 ohm as a “constant current mode”. GREAT :open_mouth: I will plan all my work area illumination with these things.
But how can I make a PWM control. I wish to control the level of illumination but not your way of a sofisticated power supply :smiley:
Can anyone guide me to a circuit or link?
Again help in advance :wink:

When you spin your bike, i think their is some sort of generator you can buy, Simply just add a capacitor bank and a regulator 12v.

Hope it helps!