Alternate Payment Method

Hi Seeed!

I am from Myanmar. Today, I try to buy some items with Black Friday promotions.

There is only one option in Payment Method : PayPal.
Problem is that PayPal not work with Myanmar IP address because of sanction.

We can use only MASTER/VISA debit and prepaid cards for now.

Usually, I used to purchase from seeed several times. I have to request some of my friends from oversea for purchasing on the behalf of me and I have to repay later for cashes in other ways. But it may not help when I have to purchase in hurry (in such flash deals).

Online purchasing from Myanmar is not that easy. It is still quite sticky and difficult jobs for us. There are also unbelievable crazy restrictions in customs rules and import rules. We hope these will be fine soon.

So, is there any chance for us? Alternate options for MASTER/VISA for next time?



Please raise a ticket about this in the following link
about your issue they will help you.

Thanks and regrads

still no option for payment with visa/master.
Paypal still is restricted Myanmar.

How should I get the deal.


The credit card is available now. Visa and Master are both acceptable.
If you have any payment issue, pls contact
Thank you!