all my posts got deleted, most of them now recovered

By mistake, Seeed staff deleted my forum account and all my posts. They were able to recover all posts up to Oct 18th (their last backup I presume). So if you see threads where people answer me out of the blue, this is the explanation :slight_smile:

I might repost in some threads if I posted some valuable info there and still remember…

Thanks to jpa for relaying my request via PM, and Seeed for taking prompt action once they realized their mistake!

Note to self: Do not rely on forums as a notepad or reference, and make a local copy if you spend time on making a long, informational post, and consider adding it to the wiki. Well, don’t trust any wiki either :slight_smile:

sorry for the inconvenience because of our mistakes :stuck_out_tongue:

Hugeman, there is evidence that other people’s posts also have been deleted. For instance, where did viewtopic.php?p=4551#p4551 go? This is a link we have been using in the wiki.

This post where jpa answered one of my questions is also gone: viewtopic.php?f=22&t=3101&p=14490 (Another post shows up, check the post ID in the “Post” link next to the date.)