Alexa configuration for smart mirror project Respeaker 4 mic array

Hi, I am using the 4 mic array for Rasberry Pi. When setting this up with the Alexa Module for my smart mirror, I keep running into audio errors. Here I have set up the microphone exactly as instructed on the wiki link after doing this and setting up my soundcard, I have tried using the command to test the microphone (provided by my Alexa programs audio set up instructions:
arecord --format cd --duration 15 --channels 1 test.wav
I believe that the command needs to look like this as this is the format that the program accepts, but honestly am not sure. Whenever I do this I get an assortment of errors. I am extremely new to Raspberry Pi’s, so any insight or help would be very much appreciated. Looking at the audio soundcard link I used may be helpful. Thank you so much!

Audio soundcard setup link I used:

Alexa Program I am using:


I’m busy on it myself i followed the guid on the seeed website itself - so far the issues i had were installing pip the way it was discribed instead you need to use python-pip with -m + module to install - numpy wasn’t mentioned either … it’s still busy installing so i can’t vouch for anything else so far … i’ll let you know how i got along “

by the way i’m busy with mycroft / picroft -
i see the numpy install is taking a long time to install on pi 3 - i have a feeling ram is running low - i recognize its effects : \ i should have rebooted after installing python-pip or flushed caches or overheating - running for portable fan

sync; echo 1 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches
sync; echo 2 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches
sync; echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches

exactly what i thought - done
next ; )

i made a massive mistake - first of all i wasn’t aware of an Alexa pi project , second i should have checked the script which is clearly meant for Alexa - i couldn’t go any further on picroft following those guides- the audio isn’t using voicecard nor are the led’s- though it did before that through hdmi - i only needed to get the mic to work , for some reaon the jack3.5 didn’t - i didn’t bother checking on it because i had the respeaker4mic - so pls ignore everything i said - i’m gonna have to undo or reflash the microft img and stick to using the defaults and buy a mic usb and speaker for that project or use the hdmi for audio output - than start a new one strickly for Alexa
: (