Air Quality Sensor v3 Arduino

I’m getting an error after trying to compile my code to an Arduino Uno.

</s>sketch_may03a:4:1: error: 'AirQualitySensor' does not name a type AirQualitySensor sensor(A0); ^<e>

I’m using the code example from this site as well as the library that was linked to it. Is there any fix?

Hi there,

please use the example inside of the library. or use the below code, i will update the wiki. thanks.

</s>#include"AirQuality.h" #include"Arduino.h" AirQuality airqualitysensor; int current_quality =-1; void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); airqualitysensor.init(A0); } void loop() { current_quality=airqualitysensor.slope(); if (current_quality >= 0)// if a valid data returned. { if (current_quality==0) Serial.println("High pollution! Force signal active"); else if (current_quality==1) Serial.println("High pollution!"); else if (current_quality==2) Serial.println("Low pollution!"); else if (current_quality ==3) Serial.println("Fresh air"); } } ISR(TIMER2_OVF_vect) { if(airqualitysensor.counter==122)//set 2 seconds as a detected duty { airqualitysensor.last_vol=airqualitysensor.first_vol; airqualitysensor.first_vol=analogRead(A0); airqualitysensor.counter=0; airqualitysensor.timer_index=1; PORTB=PORTB^0x20; } else { airqualitysensor.counter++; } }<e>

Thank you!