Air Quality sensor v1.3 direct to Arduino UnoRev3

Greetings. I am working on a fun little project with my daughter to try and set up a little air quality sensor. We have an Arduino UnoRev3 and a grove air quality sensor 1.3. We wired it directly to the Arduino as indicated on the sensor wiki page . Red wire to 5V pin, Black wire to GND, White not connected, and Yellow to A0 . We then loaded the libraries and ran the provided code but we are not seeing anything in return (no sensor data in the serial com window).
We are running this on MacOSx (Ventura 13.0.1). The USB cable is connected to the computer via a USBc adapter. We can connect to the Arduino through the IDE module so the port is working.
So a couple questions in relation to this. Does anyone have an idea on why we are not seeing anything in coms? I am guessing the Arduino is not “seeing” the sensor?
Can you even wire the sensor directly to the Arduino like we did?
Yes we are new to all of this, we are both learning. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hi, when you successfully upload the program, your serial port monitor has no output? Or could you post a screenshot of your serial port monitor?

Correct, when I go to the serial monitor there is nothing there. Everything loads ok, but then just nothing happens. I am wondering if the sensor is not even being seen by the Arduino. I will take a screen shot later.
Thank you!

If there is no output from the serial monitor, it may not be a problem with this air quality, but perhaps a problem with the serial port,Hope to see your screenshots

Ok, so I have been messing with this more. If I run some super basic code:
void setup() {

pinMode (A0,INPUT);
void loop() {
int sensorValue2= analogRead(A0);



I get the sensor to spit out some values. However, when I load the provided code on the sensor wiki page I get this error: Compilation error: ‘TIMER1_OVF_vect’ was not declared in this scope

Not sure how to get around this error.

Hi, the problem of compilation error may be that the board is not selected correctly or indeed some libraries, we suggest you troubleshoot

Board is connected and these are the libraries installed:


Both were loaded without errors.
Still getting:
Compilation error: expected constructor, destructor, or type conversion before ‘(’ token