Air Quality Monitoring Workshop with Citizen Q 空气监测工作坊

在6月份的空气净化器工作坊上,柴火会员Rachel展示了他们的项目Citizen Q的强大功能;现场的小伙伴们立刻就问什么时候举办一次工作坊,请Rachel教大家如何DIY一个Citizen Q环境监测仪。鉴于大家的热情以及强烈的要求,我们将于8月11日下午在柴火举办一场Citizen Q工作坊。欢迎大家参加哦!

At the Smart Air workshop at x.factory in June, Rachel showed the powerful functions of her project Citizen Q in detecting air quality. And many people immediately asked when we’d be able to host a Citizen Q workshop for the community to learn & DIY one Citizen Q. And here it comes: we’ll host a Citizen Q workshop at x.factory on August 11th afternoon! Welcome to join us!

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如果你还不知道什么是Citizen Q的话,CitizenQ是基于开源硬件设计及测试的环境监测项目,目前已经在德国得到广泛的应用。Rachel是该项目的发起者。

If you do not know Citizen Q yet, Project Citizen Q is an environmental awareness project based on an Open Source Hardware design tested and widely distributed in Germany, and Rachel is the project initiator.

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Rachel and the team have been working on the Asian network extension and bringing cheap but decent environment sensor stations to the people. Ones that are not so inferior to the ones that cost ten times the price, she wants people to learn to take matters into their own hands, rather than being the user of what is posing as, let’s face it, a black box:)

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当Rachel第一次走在德国的路上,她忍不住想:“我能闻到树木的味道!” 她后来发现,很多德国家庭都亲手制作空气质量检测仪,就像我们将在本次工作坊制作的环境监测站一样!她首先决定为自己做一个,然而,在中国似乎没有开源的AQI(空气质量监测)网络。这就是她如何将其作为发起Citizen Q项目的使命。“就算不是我,也需要有其他人做。”Rachel评论道。

When Rachel first walked upon the paths of Germany, she couldn’t help thinking: "I can smell the trees!” As she later on discovered, a lot of households all over Germany took the matter of monitoring air quality in their own hands and build their environment monitoring stations just like the one we’ll build in this workshop! She first decided to build one for herself. However, it didn’t seem like there was an open source AQI network in China. And that was how she took it as her mission to start up project Citizen Q. “If it isn’t me, there needs to be someone else doing this.” Rachel remarked.

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After several months of research and development and testing, the workshops are finally coming out!

8月11日的工作坊我们将提供 相应的物料,对PM10、PM2.5、温度和湿度等环境数据进行监测。通过参与这个工作坊,你也将加入全球开源硬件社区,支持并参与建设开源众包的AQI网络。

The workshop on August 11th will be providing materials needed to detect PM10/2.5, temperature and humidity. By partaking in this workshop, you will be joining in the global open hardware community and supporting the construction and distribution of more units and this crowdsourced AQI monitoring network.

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工作坊导师 - 胡沁婷

Workshop Instructor - Rachel Hu

Rachel是深圳开源项目Citizen Q的发起者,也是柴火造物中心会员。她将向大家介绍她的项目,并用CItizen Q环境检测仪测试空气净化器。

Rachel Hu (a member at x.factory) is the project initiator of the Shenzhen-based Open Source environmental awareness project Citizen Q. She will be introducing project Citizen Q and testing the air filters with Citizen Q environment station.

工作坊助教 - Ting

Workshop Co-Instructor - Ting


Ting is an tech & AI enthusiast girl hacker based in SZ.

活动详情 Event Info

时间:2018年8月11日(周六)14:00 - 17:00


费用:420元 (材料费)





Time: 14:00 - 17:00, August 11th (Saturday), 2018

Place: Chaihuo x.factory (B608, Design Commune, Dashi 2nd Road, Nanshan District)

Fee: 420RMB (Materials cost)

Spots: 10 ~ 15

Sign Up: Scan the QR code above to pay for the fee & sign up.

Deadline for Signup: August 8th, 2018 (Limited spots available, sign up now!)

Note: Please bring your own laptop.

图片来源:CCS,Rachel Hu

Picture Credit: CCS, Rachel Hu


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