Air pollution sensor

Hello! Do you stock up on air pollution sensors? I’d like to build a low-cost device that collects information on ambient pollution. Any general advice to get started?

Thank you!

The air quality sensor’s design has been completed. Products are in manufacture. please wait.
We design two kinds of air quality sensor for detecting different target, one can detect carbon monoxide, alcohol, acetone, thinner, formaldehyde and other slightly toxic gases, another sensor can detect the air dust whose size is around 1 micro meter or larger.

you can preview it at following link. … ity_sensor

Thank you Bruce. These look very promising!

I’m thinking about crowdsourcing air pollution data collection in the region with a low-cost device, perhaps by leveraging smartphones for data collection and geotagging.

When do you expect release? :slight_smile:

And in terms of scope, I’m thinking of something that could be as robust/reliable as the Safecast project in Japan. Something we could build in dozens of units to distribute.

since im quite noob here, could somebody tell me whether this product could be use for other open-source hardware such as arduino?

This will be in demand soon, and needed for environment to keep pollution free.

i wonder if it can detect or how easy it is detect rising leve of nitrogen dioxide that’s very reamarkable for airpollution.

I just finished a project with the Grove Dust sensor ( … grovedust/). It correlates pretty will with a laser particle counter (2.5> micron particles)