Adxl345 value stuck occasionally

Hi, everyone,

We use 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer(±16g)) to detect object moving.

We keep reading the z-axis value at 100Hz to monitor object movement. Usually, even the meter module is static, we can observe small vibration in z-axis value, but we found that the accelerometer sometimes stuck at certain value, for example, it just return 0.08 all the time. Sometimes it gets back to normal (with vibrating values) in just seconds, but we also meet some cases that the meter stuck for hours.

So now we keep watching on the z-axis value and once the value stuck for a certain period, we consider the meter is [out-of-control] is ignores all following values until the z-axis value varies again.

Does anyone know how to solve the situation, or how to confirm that the meter is working properly.