Advice to make a Robot


I am intereted in making a Robot with my daughter.

I have seen the Grove system and it seems easy to connect sensors. But I need some advice for my project.

  1. Seeeduino V3.0 (Atmega 328P) vs Arduino UNO

Is Seeeduino fully compatible with Arduino One?

I want to use any graphical programming environment like (Modkit or MiniBloq) , So I wuold like to avoid any incompatibiliy between Microcontroller and the graphical interface aplications.

2) Choose a Motor Driver

Here again a have a new doubt … My options are

a) Arduino One (or Seeeduino) + 2A Motor Shield For Arduino + Grove - Base Shield

b) Arduino One (or Seeeduino) + Grove - Motor Shield

c) Rome All in One controller

What is your favorite option for a small Robot Project (Object detection, line finder, etc…)???

Important: I have an old Robot project and I want to use the mechanical components (Chasis, 2 wheels and to motors). I have planned to use a 9V battery for the Microcontroller and Shields and 4xAA battery for Motors.

using Option b) I dont have clear if it is possible to connect 4xAA battery to Motors and 9V to Electronic devices.

Any information will be apreciated. Thanks in advance


Nobody could give me some advise?

I would like to order soon and I dont watn to make a mitake.