Advice on Certificate of Conformity (European Import)


I have been looking for a small, portable scope - the Nano DSO v3 of course caught my eye. After diving down the rabbit hole I stumbled on the DSO213 and then the ADS-1013d

From what I can see/understand the Seeed Nano V3 is a white label from mini ware? I can see the ADS-1013d under many brands and resellers but it appears to be made by F-Nirsi originally.

For my purposes - the 1013d would tick most boxes (recognizing and operating within the limitations and that it’s far from the claimed 100MHz) but that’s actually beside the point for this post!

My question is, how do you go about ensuring devices (such as the DS0203 etc) have the right certificates of conformity? I can imagine that having a sourcing department and entering a contract like Seeed has done for the nano means it’s pretty easy. But what about for the average person like me?

Is there a simple way to ensure devices purchased from bulk resellers, alibaba, eBay, or even Amazon have the required certificates - CE, RoHS, FCC… etc - with your experience (seeed) can you provide some advice! (To be honest, it’s one reason why I tend to prefer to pay a premium to big distributors like digikey, mouser etc as they are more likely to ensure compliance)