Advice for novice

Good morning,

as an object I am a neophyte of the subject and I would like to understand the possible utility of Arduino or Grove (which I do not know), inserting the LIDAR technology, for industrial applications but above all residential.

In particular I have to integrate the above LIDAR technology to create sensors for domestic alarms (indoor / outdoor, narrow beam sensors with a flow rate> 20m or wide beams with a range <15mt, gate opening, safety and security sensors), but I do not know how realize integration with Arduino or Grove.

Does anyone know / can give me an idea about the functional block diagram to be implemented (Arduino / Grove + Lidar), so as to make me a feasibility study in technical-economic terms of the project?

If possible, also some indication about the most appropriate sensors for the above purposes …

Thanks a lot in advance for availability



it soulds that’s a high difficulty & high technology thing. Cool!