Adruino Uno + Ethernet Shield + Relay shield possible ?

Hi all,

I’m about to order an Arduino Uno, and would like to have both ethernet and relay switching.

The relay switching to have my shutters go up & down depending on the outside light and inside temp (so in winter use the sun to warm up the house, in summer keep shutters down to keep the heat out).

–> so I’m thinking about ordering along the SEEED studio ethernet shield and the SEEED studio relay shield assuming that I can both connect them together on the Arduino.

Couple of questions:

(0) how much current (A) can the relay switch on 220V (Belgium standard current)

(1) this stacking will work ?

(I read on that the relay shield uses Arduino pins 4 to 7)

–> so what will happen with pin 4 ???

(2) if the stacking works, what with the heat from the ethernet shield ? I read a couple of posts about the ethernet shield getting hot … won’t this break or overheat the relays ?

(3) if anybody has a good suggestion on an outdoor light sensor I can connect to my Arduino, suggestions welcome.

Thanks !


Hi there,

According your description, that I should remind you the relay shield is not compatible with Arduino Ethernet. Because the Ethernet jack is too high to plug the relay shield on.

So if you do want to send some information to Ethernet that you can choose WIFIBee and Bee shield or plug on relay shield to connect with your wireless router.

But relay shield is for low voltage power switch.Then better you can use … th=156_160
That should satisfy you to realize your project.

If you success your project you share detail or photo here or give us a blog link to show up.
That could help more guys to make new project.Would be very helpful.

Best regards,