adding sensors with 2.8 touchsheild

hi all hopefully someone can confirm

I have arduino uno setup with the touchshield I have the LSM303dlh tilt compensated compass on analog pins
4&5 and the sd card shield all working fine with compass printing to touch screen
however for my project I also need to feed gps from the gps bee (which is mounted on the dual bee shield )to the touch screen
the only pins unused are 0 & 1 these are used for the hardware serial port
am i right in thinking that i can use it for the gps if the sketch is loaded first without the touch screen fitted.

if im wrong about pins 0&1 can any of the other digital pins be used would using interrupts solve the problem

or is the only solution to up grade to the mega
any advice much appreciated
cheers ken

pin 0&1 can be used as software , you can try . Interrupt method it won’t work right .

that does not really help much
can any one give an outline code snippet
cheers ken