Add External SPI Flash on XIAO Grove Shield

I’m using CircuitPython and need more storage space. I didn’t find any information about Add External SPI Flash on XIAO Grove Shield!
Explanations were given in the Adafruit Learning System, but I didn’t find anything on the seeed site!
According to the description of Adafruit, GD25Q16 can be used (Of course, a custom version like QT Py Haxpress needs to be released for Seeeduino Xiao, I think @tannewt from Adafruit Circuitpython development team can help in this regard), can the same chip be used on XIAO Grove Shield?

PS: The chips that CircuitPython currently supports are listed in devices.h, along with the settings needed for each.


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About CircuitPython question you could go to this link:
it may help you.

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Thanks @0hotpotman0
I know SD card can be used for storage on circuitpython but my question is: How can add External SPI Flash on XIAO Grove Shield?

Indeed, the back of the Xiao Grove Shield provisions pads for a Flash memory in SOIC8 package. However, the silk-screen does not mention a special mark for pin 1.

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On the CircuitPython side you’ll need to:


I find the mark for Pin 1.
go to link: in Schematic Online Viewer


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Just follow that pic
then soldering it.

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