ADC2 is no longer supported on xiao esp32-c3

Hello I’ve been experiencing a nightmare with my XIAO ESP32-C3 and im currently getting this error code via serial input on arduinoIDE what’s the fix?

ADC: ADC2 is no longer supported, please use ADC1. Search for errata on espressif website for more details. You can enable ADC_ONESHOT_FORCE_USE_ADC2_ON_C3 to force use ADC2
ADC: adc2_get_raw(750): adc unit not supported

Are you using WiFi while invoking ADC2?
Since Wi-Fi also uses ADC2, and the Wi-Fi driver has a higher priority, the application may fail to read using adc2_get_raw() during the operation period of Wi-Fi. It is recommended to check the return value of this function and re-measure it after failure.

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