Adc operating voltage of XIAO ESP32C3, XIAO SAMD2,XIAO RP2040,XIAO nRF52840

I am interested in knowing the voltage range that the analog inputs of the following development boards support:

  • XIAO ESP32C3
  • XIAO RP2040
  • XIAO nRF52840

I have some sensors that deliver their measurements up to 5V, while others are limited to 3.3V. Can anyone provide information on whether it’s possible to directly connect sensors that provide up to 5V to the analog inputs of these boards for measurements?

Thank you for your assistance!

XIAO ESP32C3     2500mV
XIAO RP2040      VDD
XIAO nRF52840	 VDD

I think you need an attenuator.

Thanks for your answer, so only the Xiao ESP32 C3 needs the attenuator? Not these others?
XIAO nRF52840

I am using a voltage splitter to limit the voltage to 3.3v to the Xiao esp32 C3 currently I am working only with the Xiao ESP32 C3, but I will also work with the others.

Yes, the input to the ESP32C3 must be attenuated to 2500mV.

Thank you very much for your help, I really appreciate this. I will work with this limit of 2500 mV.