We (LML and École centrale de Lille) have developped two boards allowing to easily perform ADC/DAC.

The firts one is a operational board where one can use ADC/DAC directly with BNC and tune the input value with potentiometer for ADC. It’s interesting for experimental measurement as this board contain PASS band filter allowing a good measurement.

the second reach the same goal but with more genericity, in order to keep it simple the board only contain what is really needed to convert data, several boards can be linked to had filter capability.

These boards use the SPI bus, its has been tested on PIC and arduino µcontroller, and it works well.
A library as been made for the SPI configuration and the analog read and write.
Everything has been tested without a bug.

The main issue of such boards is the cost (around 150$ of components), but it has been made to replace acquistion board, and this kind of boards are often quite expensive.

This board would be a great tool with the bus pirate board but as we didn’t bought this board for now, we haven’t tested yet this option.

Our next step will be to test this board on an embedded linux arm board to improve the computational power of the solution and allowing local storage at a hi-rate.

We really want to share in opensource and openhardawre this 2 boards as we already know that it is a real issue for all the non electroncian people to have a simple opensource solution.

Are you interested in such project.

We can share all the CAO with kicad files and all the arduino library.



Hi Jeff.

Thank you so much for open sourcing, we are interested and willing to provide full support to such projects.

Please let us know when you need any support or information to drive it forward. You could also mail me for more instant reply via ep()



Mais de rien !

I’ve just sent you an e-mail, with some questions.

I have to add public mention that this board as been realized by a student in license with the collaboration of an electronics engineer and me Doctor in mechanics sciences.


Sounds like a great project, I hope to see more details emerge.


Charles, the student who made the boards is currently collecting data and creating library on kicad to allow people to be able to simply edit the boards. A desired extension, would be to use electronic bricks connectors . It is currently enjoying its first holidays after his review, so I think we need to be patient.


No problem, right here waiting. :slight_smile:


Charles & I have finished the first release of the board, here are the files of the “Modular board” on Kicad ( open-hardware) with the program. This card possesses 8 inputs and 4 outputs ,it is piloted thanks to a card map Arduino.
Here are its characteristics :
Power supply voltage: from 9 to 36 V

Digital analogical conversion (inputs):
2.048 to - 2.048 V in bipolar or 0 in 4.096 V in unipolar

Analogical digital conversion (outputs):
0 to 4.096 V
Mode of communication: SPI
Frequency of maximum functioning: 4 KHz

Don’t hesitate to contact us if there is some issue with the files provided herein.

Best regards.

Charles & Jeff.
Charles REAL& Jean-Francois WITZ.tar.bz2 (402 KB)