[Activity] Best Wio Project Idea Contest

[b]After asking the community to post project ideas and stir discussion, we are launching the Best Wio Idea Contest to challenge your projects beyond your Wio-est imagination.

The prize? We will give away up to $100 coupon for 6 ideas of editor’s pic and 10 most RT ideas voted by the community. Any project idea can get a coupon of $10 for over $50 consumption. Look forward to seeing more WIO ideas.[/b]


  • post your idea with [idea] on the beginning of the subject line on the Wio forum.
    e.g. [idea] Light Sensor to Trigger HUE with IFTTT.
  • list materials and tools both hardware and software
  • briefly explain the method to ensure its technical feasibility
  • those posted previously on the forum are also included.
  • Tweet your project idea with hashtag #wioidea and forum post URL ( shorten one also accepted) .


  • 1 Winner with Gold idea gets $100 off coupon of seeed bazaar(for order over $100)
  • 2 Winner with Sliver idea get $75 off coupon of seeed bazaar(for order over $100)
  • 3 Winner with Bronze idea get $50 off coupon of seeed bazaar(for order over $100)
  • 10 most RT tweets could get $20 off coupon of seeed bazaar(for order over $50)
  • Any idea posted on forum could get $10 off coupon of seeed bazaar(for order over $50)


  • Idea submission due at 12am, Monday 9th May EST.
  • Contest result announcement at 9am Wednesday 11th May EST.

Today we are announcing the result of Best Wio Project Idea Contest. In total we have received 14 entries. Most of them are Kickstarter backers who cannot wait to tinker with Wio Link once received the pledge. Below are the winners and their project idea share on Wio Forum. Actually some idea already made their own working prototyping. It was a big learning curve for some community member. We’d appreciate other member who contributed their idea to help out. So check it the projects and if you find any interesting idea you could make it together.


#idea Thermostat - Final by philip.mallon

Philip had a thermostat program hosted on Beagleboard Green (BBG) with a Wio Link front end.The Wio Link is connected to a Grove Temperature and Humidly Sensor and a Grove LED. The BBG is connected to a Orvibo S20 wifi power switch that switches on when the temperature is more than 22 degC and switches off it it gets below 21 degC. He also made a node-red program on a Beaglebones Green (BBG) computer using a Debian OS.


#Idea: Industrial Garage Door Opener by Tyler

He took some Ethernet cable and ran from the door switch into the officenAd wired it up to mimic the wiring of the door switch.Then he used Relay via Wio Link to control the switch. He even make an mobile APP to control by following Youtube video of MIT App Inventor.

#idea Weather station with LED temp without coding by markjoyner

He monitored all of the parameters of temp & humi sensor, barometer, air quality sensors and stored the information in Initial state to see nice historical graph of the sensors. Beside, he also displayed the current temperature on the 4 digit LED display by creating a IFTTT recipe.


[idea] Garage parking assistance by uwe.fetzer
Uwe used various Grove modules such as ultrasonic ranger, speaker and LED strip for prototyping and a Raspberry Pi as Wio Server, even shared Python script and a demo video to showcase.

#idea Greenhouse aquaponics monitor/controller by drstoneburg

Drstoneburg’s idea is to build a green house aquaponics fully equipped with smart electronics, such as Fish tank monitor, plant bed monitor/controller, ambient air monitor and smart evaporative cooler.

#idea OpenTempescope by wassabi.time

Tempescope is a physical display that recreates the weather forecasted inside a box. Wio-Link can use IFTTT to set up triggers on the weather for a given day. Then turn on and off relays to the 12V water pump and mist generator. Lastly, animate some RGB lamps for sunrise, lightning.