Acrylic Case for XIAO Expansion Board

The acrylic case for the XIAO expansion board is a good protection for the hardware. The only disadvantage, im my eyes, is the distance between the board and the lower cap. This room is ment for a LIPO battery, but in my case, even a 200mAh Version does not fit. It collides with the SD-card and the battery for the RTC. And there are a lot of solder points on the rear of the board, being a risk to damage the LIPO bettery. Do you see any solution for that problem, either by increesing the distance between board and lower cap or by a separate compartment for a battery.

There is room, screws are long enough, to add several washers to make more room for the LIPO. Not a big deal, but yes, I would welcome the shield coming with several longer stand-offs. Bye the way, my 200 mAh fits just fine as it comes from the factory.