Accessing SD card in Groove Vision AI module through attached Xiao-esp32c3

Hi there. From the pin-out diagram of Xiao-esp32c3 I can see that it has SPI pins. I have Groove Vision AI v2 and an attached Xiao-esp32c3. I would like to know if it is possible to access the SD card by esp32c3 in the attached Groove Vision AI v2 through SPI? from the schematic diagram i can see esp32-c3 connector MISO/MOSI connection to HX6538, but not the SD card.

All varients of ESP32 I have tried allow you to assign the SPI pins, SCK, MOSI, MOSI to most all available GPIOs.

The program cores might well have defaults applied for the SPI pins, and these might be shown on the pin maps, but you normally can change them.

Hi, thanks. I figured out from documents that Xiao can sent AT command to Groove vision AI 2 to save and access images in SD card, but there is no direct link with Xiao to the SD card module in Groove Vision AI 2.

Could you share how to access the images on the SD card with AT commands?

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From what I gleen is , You use the Xiao Serial port to receive your AT command from the keyboard. That is passed to the Sccm one the Himax chip and “IT” reads or writes the Jpeg to the TF card. Here is the protocol guide from the WiKi
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Hi and thanks for your reply! I understand how to write images to the SD card, but I do not understand how to read images from the Groove Vision AI v2 SD using AT commands on the Xiao board. I do not yet have Groove Vision AI v2 to test but would be glad if @rmukhia could share how he did it.

Sorry, I was not able to solve my problem of reading the saved image. After going through the AT command, documentation and source code. I can see that there is no support to read images from SD card through uart AT command. SSCMA-Micro firmware which runs in the Groove Vision 2 does not support it, from what I understand.

On a side note, if you interested in just the image feed AI.last_image() might help.