AC-ripple, DSO Nano v2 with Electron 007 firmware

Doing some car diagnostics and wonder if its possible to measure/see AC-ripple on the alternator?
The hardware specs says that it only does DC copuling. Weres AC coupling is required for AC ripple so it can block the DC voltage signal. Measuring with DMM doesnt really tell me so much. It just updates voltage up and down… cant see any spikes etc…

You can use a small filtering capacitor to remove the DC then only AC ripple will be shown.
There is an adapter that does this but its just a capacitor inside.

If you use DMM to check ripple, put it on AC Volts.

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Yeah, i know that.
How do i build my own? Really smart to have it built in to a banana plug.
But i have my DSO Nano v2 with those crappy 3.5mm stereo plug and small plastic “clips”
Dont know if there is some kind of adapter och other cables with banana plugs?
It will work to just clip one lef of the capacitor and the other on the battery too.

I know i can check with DMM and i allready did. But im intrested in the signal. DMM cant show that as you know.

Really like the Electron 007 firmware after BenF’s.
BenF’s firmware hasnt been developed for years as far as i know.

I like the user presets. And the menu. Presets are available in BenF too but not as easy accessable.