AC Current Sensor with GrovePi?


I have a GrovePi+ currently running a couple of relays to control a light fixture.

I’m looking for a solution to add power consumption monitoring. I noticed there are various current sensors available in the bazaar, such as this: … p-547.html

Is it possible to add this type of sensor to the GrovePi+?



This sensor can be used. Please use the tutorials mentioned in product page on how to connect to Arduino. We do not have ready-made code for using this product with GrovePi+. You would have to implement the same from above reference.

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Thanks for the response.

I notice there is a grove module for this: … p-777.html

but it is out of stock.

Do you know when it will be back in stock, I would like to order some ASAP.


For any stock related questions please write to