About the voltage drop in the reTerminal's USB port


We use reTerminal to connect the QR reader to the USB port

The voltage may drop when operating the QR reader. QR reader maximum power consumption is 400mA

ReTerminal recognizes that a single USB port can supply 500mA of power.

Is it correct as an action? Also, is there any countermeasure for supplying a stable voltage?

You could try buying a hub with USB power

Hi nengyu

thanks for the reply

We will also consider the USB powered hub you suggested.

By the way, is it difficult to stably operate a 400mA device from reTerminal’s USB port as a specification?

If the USB2.0 protocol standard is followed, the power supply current is about 500mA, but due to circuitry and its own losses, it may cause instability.

Thanks for the reply
We will try to ensure sufficient voltage and current.